The Brian Cork Coaching advantage:

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I help people that change the world make better decisions, surround them with best-of-class talent, secure “smart money,” and introduce them to great partners that include beta-test opportunities, and customers. I have immediate access to capital for good plans and inspired leadership.

Companies and leaders choose my Coaching because I am a recognized authority on innovation and strategy for startups, mid-market and enterprise level organizations, and the people that would dare to lead such organizations.

Ask me about my work with Alliance-based Cultures, Sales Cultures and Merit-based Diversity Cultures.

Our practice areas include large scale change management and organizational transformation, strategic planning, business model development and rationalization, economic model development, new business and change innovation, and executive leadership development.

Executive Coaching Services:

      • Executive Coaching
      • Career Development and Strategy
      • Career Revitalization
      • Job Search Strategy
      • Executive Leadership Assessment Services
      • Executive Leadership Development
      • Executive Transformation
      • Executive Team Building
      • Key Employee Development
      • Alliance-based Cultures
      • Sales Cultures
      • Professional Athlete to Business Transition
      • Work and Life Integration

Business Coaching Services:

      • Business Coaching Succession Planning
      • Organizational Analysis
      • “Human Capital”
      • Consulting Change Management
      • Alliance-based Cultures
      • Sales Cultures
      • Merit-based Diversity Cultures
      • Acquisition Integration
      • Strategic Planning
      • Startup Client/ Customer Acquisition
      • Business Model Development and Rationalization
      • New Business and Change Innovation
      • Economic Model Development
      • Capital Formation (Angel, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Family Office)
      • Family Office Advising and Intermediary
      • Small Business “Capital Friendly” Work-Out

Unique Specialization Services:

      • Execs-with-Checks™ /1
      • Family Office Advising and Intermediary
      • Small Business “Capital Friendly” Work-Out
      • Introductions to prospective Clients, Customers, Strategic Partners
      • Professional Athlete and Entertainment Transformation and Optimization
      • Small Business FastSTART™ /2

With experience in all three major economic sectors, I advise top leaders in business and non-profit organizations, like Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises, Kimberly Clark, JPMorgan Chase, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. A good example of these efforts include my work with progressive leaders who have concluded that developing a better bottom line is contiguous with attracting, hiring and developing better people so they can spend more time leading and less time putting out fires.

1/ Execs-with-Checks™ are proven leaders within specific disciplines (Operations, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, etc) that make a financial investment into a company and join the management team to protect and grow that investment. The deal structure around this program varies widely and each placement is unique in terms of amount invested, equity, exit strategies, and span of duties. This is considered a straightforward Search and Recruiting effort. There is a flat-fee for any Execs-with-Checks™ placement in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00). This fee is paid up-front and is a combined retainer and success fee. There is no exception to this. It’s standard operating procedure; and, all parties should be aware of this requirement.

2/ Business advisory services to Small Business Owners and heads of Professional Services practices across industries. Our clients are Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Managing Partners of Professional Practices. These businesses typically range from five (5) to fifty (50) employees with revenues of $1 million to $20 million. These subject matter experts and thought-leaders are growing and transforming their business from Entrepreneurial Start-up to a Professionally Managed Business, building companies that are “sellable,” while maintaining their entrepreneurial energy and spirit.

1/ briancork™, briancorkcoaching™, and related companies and personnel are not registered brokers or a broker-dealer. This means briancork™ and briancorkcoaching™ can’t and won’t accept commissions or fees for assisting companies with capital formation (raising money). The only exception to this rule is Execs-with-Checks™. The Execs-with-Checks™ process is not a securities transaction. Even though Execs-with-Checks™ are investors, they are also typically executives and this type of effort falls under relational recruiting. All Execs-with Checks™ will entail an Employment Contract with the hiring Company that should be reviewed by a licensed attorney familiar with employment and labor laws and general business asset transactions.