Mark my words…

This acronym, “ROLE™, will sweep the country.

Many people in business and life broadly use the phrase, Return on Investment (“ROI”). It’s literal brilliance is realized with the obvious, under almost any application. Amongst my own favorite is, “Human Capital”. It renders a word, “competition” moot if used adroitly.

So… Almost anyone can leverage the ROI argument, under best practices. In fact it’s so often over-used it can qualify for an eye-rolling cliche.

Having said that, ROI’s best utilization remains for people and businesses that can genuinely practice it with a winning example around meaningful products and services. Thusly, every definitive business decision drops to the bottom-line as its final qualifier.

So, lets discuss my ideas around the Return on Life Efforts – “ROLE™” – paradigm.
vendiagramHere, building off of the foundation established by ROI, a person’s skills and experience (punditry), service or product have a differentiation that when applied to a problem or situation generates a positive result – typically to greater efficiency, productivity, reduced cost, better decision-making, and certainly the bottom-line.

Where the game changes is advantage. And, I say it’s people that can better leverage the sum-total of their experience in life, with all the developed skills, native abilities, genetic superiority, and luck coming together and wrapped in a deliverable founded in a keen desire to help, enhance, and improve the lot of others succeed in some fashion.

What is it that gives you an ADVANTAGE?

If you are in the wrong role you are always at a disadvantage.

As powerful and defining as ROI may be, ROLE™ trumps ROI, every time.

Cause and effect play their, role.

For a broad example, I call upon my ROLE™ to give you an ROI through my business, career and executive coaching practices.

Here is my personal mission statement, for specific example:

“You gotta do a lotta good, make a lotta money,
and have a lotta fun”.

And, there you have my ROLE™ in this world.

I’m sure someone else will work harder to come-up with a more articulate definition for ROLE™ But, it’s already a significant part of the services I use to help people make better decisions every day.

Let’s be part of the Solution (and, “lets role!”).