I have the perfect job… I am helping you find yours!

Mine has been a brilliant and certainly interesting career-path that has been contiguous in nature with hindsight, although never predictable.

Often there is a confluence of effort with Sidwell Family Ventures and my broader business/ executive coaching practice. I admit that sometimes it’s really tough going – physically exhausting, mentally taxing, and emotionally draining. This is the nature of my business and part of having a “servants heart”. While the best part of my vocation is helping terrific people make better decisions, and giving them an advantage, it’s believing that I am making a vital difference across society through my focus on the business community that fuels me. Anyone that actually realizes their great HUMAN POTENTIAL can be an incredible beacon for hope, inspiration, and success.

Meanwhile, I don’t know the original scripture (it may be derivative or allegorical), however this relevant line-of-thinking is foremost on my mind through this entire effort:

“The way you know you’ve been given life, hope, and a future is when you begin giving those away to everyone else.”

God bless all of you; every single one of you. And, please use your super powers for good.