With my Coaching I try to avoid using terms like, Agreement.

I feel that my ROLE™ is based on a Covenant of trust. The word covenant has many definitions and implications that span law and religion. So, it’s complicated. I find this compelling because, in my opinion, the relationship between a good business and career coach and the client should be simple.

I start with a philosophy that IAM3RD.

Ask me about my own interpretation of a covenant, and what IAM3RD means. It’s important. Why would you ask me to coach you if you have not done this, yet?

All that said…

Our Mission is always straight forward to begin. We identify specific goals and objectives with critical milestones driven by dates on calendar. This helps measurement, and can establish Return-on-Investment (“ROI”). Ultimately we are making better decisions. That process drives everything.


Where the key words “covenant” and “trust” come into best practice(s) is we agree and come-to-terms with the implications and desired outcomes of those goals, objectives, and milestones. It’s not uncommon for my clients to begin coaching thinking they want something (a THING like a job, or capital for their business). But, more often than not the outcome is different and better than they hoped for. …you know… The while, “Hope is not a strategy”, THING.

One of my favorite introductions involved a well-known technologist that introduced me to a professional baseball player that wanted to be involved in business with the words, “I apologize in advance for introducing you to Brian, but you will thank me later”.

There is not much I can do for Most people. But, I can do a lot with some people.

NOTE: My favorite prayer is for God to put the right people in front of me. Just think about that.

Covenant + Trust = [desired] [needed] Outcomes.

“Remember, in hours of joy and of darkness, that a life well-lived is judged not by the bottom line but by the big picture.” – @jmeacham