Champions and Rare Human Attributes

“Champions are a special breed.

Regardless of their venue, few, if any, are merely first among equals.

Each is a dominant player who, in many instances, successfully defends their title many time.

Like other exceptional performers, champions heed their inner voices.

When you first meet Brian Patrick Cork you have to be impressed with the aura of uncompromising integrity that surrounds him.

Brian Cork’s long time friend and business partner Santi St. James would tell you that Cork is relentless when analyzing a position, opportunity or challenge.

He will typically not accept a step in analysis unless he is certain of its correctness. But, he has to convince himself first. He rarely accepts any external authority. There is strength of conviction and situational awareness. These and other unique qualities comprise the source of that incredible confidence that he possesses that serves everyone around him so bloody well’. – Santi St. James

Most people who deal with Brian Cork admit he is willful and has a singular obstinateness. Once he holds an idea or opinion, it is virtually impossible to dissuade him otherwise. Cork is an extreme in this regard. Other champions might be more open and flexible. But, few can boast his charisma, presence and track record. But, having said this, I have rarely met a man more adaptable. He learns fast – incisively adjusting even to potentially life-threatening crises.

We saw this outside of Sarajevo and in Colorado. We observe it in the way he adjusts for economic trends, and always emerges as a leader in his field of endeavor.”

Aubrey Nelson, Biographer