I help leaders and teams spanning startups to enterprise make better decisions by realizing their Executive/ HUMAN and BUSINESS Potential
and translating that through transformation to optimization.


I enjoy seeing my clients become
the heroes and champions for their
organizations, solving complex situations
and enabling successful change.


I am also driven by a belief system:
God, the Client, and only then, myself.
So, you often hear or see me reference
the concept of, IAM3RD.

Culture and success carry many meanings. For me, a formula for success is: God, Country, Best Practices, Credentials and Character. It comes down to: Credentials + Character + Culture = Success.

Ask me about my work around Alliance-based Cultures, Sales Cultures and Diversity through Merit Cultures.

People come to me because they can and want to make better decisions. They are looking for an ADVANTAGE. They may be in a job or career transition (their idea, or someone else’s), they may have a challenge in the work-place I can help them think and work through, or they may be launching a business and need help with certain logistics. Along the way I help decision-makers find best-of-class people, capital, and new customers.

My ROLE™ is to bring color, context, and perspective to your career-path and business. This is often referred to as Executive and Business Coaching (Advisory). We provide client services in the areas of business design, strategy development and alignment, leadership assessment, executive coaching, organizational analysis, succession planning, change management, acquisition and integration, executive team-building, and financial capital formation.




Perhaps my strongest areas of expertise include coaching leaders and teams towards performance excellence, working with and assessing cross-cultural and multicultural dynamics, and evaluating goodness of career/job fit. The clients I serve represent a cross-section of manufacturing, technology, financial, and service businesses that are regionally and globally based.

What is your ROLE™ in life? Click on the image above and begin this fruitful investigation, or visit the Services page to learn more about the Business and Executive Coaching process.


“I remember Brian Patrick Cork when he was a professional Triathlete. He was was feared on the bike and run for very good reason. His tenacity in the hills made his competitiors blood run cold.

Today I know Brian Cork as that leader we read books about. He helps other men realize their own success.

Brian could write the book on how to be a terrific Dad. His wife is happy. If you ask his daughter what her Daddy does she will look you in the eye and tell you “He helps people”.

The story gets better every day.” – Roger Bloom, Chairman MedAlliance Corp.

“Brian helped me to see my career from a perspective that moved from doing my job without seeing the big picture to investing my talent to help the company and me meet our respective goals. For those of you who are frustrated and need clarity, perspective and a boost, you would do well to engage with Brian Cork.”
– Vince Birley, VP of Strategy at Ronald Blue and Company

“I would describe Brian Cork as the ‘Larry Bird’ of the Executive Recruiting and Coaching Business. The go-to guy when you need the thing to work. The scramble-for-the-ball, great-teammate, no-ego, championship-caliber guy.”
– Robert Forrester, CEO, Green Manufacturing Corp.

“brian is an insightful counselor who asks penetrating and relevant questions, creatively guides tough minded self assessment and inspires action towards well defined goals. He was an invaluable sounding board for me personally during a significant career transition and has subsequently provided excellent executive search services. He is more interested in results than appearances and I can recommend him without reservation.”
– Ken Honeycutt, Former President and CEO of Acuity Brands Lighting

“As an executive coach, Brian provides focus and the ability to assess options with a depth of experience that spans both the corporate and entrepreneurs perspectives. I specifically wanted a coach who would be an “out of the box” thinker and a sounding board for different ideas. I could not ask for a better person for this role than Brian Cork”.
– Stephen H. Esposito, Executive and General Manager, Smiths Detection

“It was December 31st 2014 and most of the world had shut down in preparation of New Year’s festivities. But I had a bit of a work crisis and Brian agreed to meet me. In person. On a holiday. Because he gives a damn. Look, I’m no CEO. No big shot entrepreneur. And, honestly, on our first engagement he helped me close down a business that was doing horribly versus encouraging me to keep going and waste my time, energy, and money. But that was what I needed. Brian has a gift that allows him to see the big picture — quickly, thank God — and put his intuition and experience to work. For you. No matter who you are. Cork is lionhearted, with an emphasis on “heart.” – Emily Capps, Director of Content Strategy, IHG – InterContinental Hotels Group

“I first met Brian when he was a stock Broker in California. He was very unconventional and likable with a old world charm. His interest in Walker Percy immediately made him interesting to me. We did better with him than anyone else I had ever worked with in financial services. The discipline he encouraged remain relevant today. I followed his career over the years and was deeply impressed by the way he reinvented himself while always putting everyone else around him first. Several years ago I asked Brian to coach my son to prepare him to run one of our family companies. Brian did very well in this capacity. We started to use him throughout the business and he also offers guidance for our family office where he is now an advisor helping us identify investments for nonprofit and for profit deals. Unfortunately my son passed away earlier this year and I have had to step back into the business. I have had to learn many new things including Linkedin! Brain is now helping us recruit our new CEO and I am very grateful for his compassion, empathy and professionalism. He has access to very good people that often share his own “alliance” based views and show that good people are drawn to each other. I highly recommend him as both a coach and business advisor.” – Dan Wu, Chief Investment Officer Wu + Family Offices