I work with best-of-class leaders
to develop more options, make better choices
and give them the ADVANTAGE.


I help leaders and teams spanning startups to enterprise make better decisions by realizing their Executive/ HUMAN and BUSINESS Potential and translating that through transformation to optimization.


I enjoy seeing my clients become the heroes and champions for their organizations, solving complex situations and enabling successful change.


I am also driven by a belief system: God, the Client, and only then, myself. So, you often hear or see me reference the concept of, IAM3RD.

Culture and success
carry many meanings

For me, a formula for success is God, Country,
Best Practices, Credentials, and Character.
It comes down to:


Credentials + Character + Culture = Success.


People come to me because they can and want to make better decisions. They are looking for an ADVANTAGE. They may be in a job or career transition (their idea, or someone else’s), they may have a challenge in the work-place I can help them think and work through, or they may be launching a business and need help with certain logistics. Along the way, I help decision-makers find best-of-class people, capital, and new customers.


We provide client services in the areas of business design, strategy development, and alignment, leadership assessment, executive coaching, organizational analysis, succession planning, change management, acquisition, and integration,
executive team-building, and financial capital formation.


My ROLE™ is to bring color, context, and perspective
to your career-path and business.
This is often referred to as Executive and Business Coaching.